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Hi everyone,

According to Iran’s official clock change law, Iran’s official clock is moved forward by one hour every year on the first day of spring (21th/22th march ). Due to the cancellation of this law in the Persian new year, some of NTP servers have not been updated with new conditions and this has caused problems in the systems and servers in Iran. Some of NTP servers in asia are mentioned as follow:

server [0-3.asia.pool.ntp.org]

I would appreciate it if you could find a solution to this issue.

@Suzan welcome to the community! The NTP servers (not just in the ntppool, but in general) are always distributing the time in UTC. The local time (timezone) information is dependent on the device you are using. Probably you want to check the vendor of your device for an update of the timezone information.


Thank you for your help.

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Hi dear NTP community and devs,

right now NTP time server even with selecting the +3:30 UTC time zone still gives me a time output of +4:30 UTC and I have to use manual timing

I’m not able to find a single time server that gives me the right time for Iran after canceling the Daylight Saving Time Changes law

Timezone information is provided by your OS. See for more information: Update Iran — ir.pool.ntp.org


Sorry mate, but this is not an NTP problem, as NTP serves time ALWAYS in UTC+0, it doesn’t supply any other time.
It’s the OS, Time-client, or whatever to change it into local-time for the users.

All timeservers run UTC+0, no matter where they are in the world, also in Iran.


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