Daylight saving time

We have two NTP servers (Windows & Ubuntu) connected with (, servers.
The time will be change on April 28 to be 1 hour forward, so how to make sure that the NTP will be synced automatically while the time changed as that will impact our servers.


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NTP servers operate always in UTC, so local time change cannot affect their operation. However, you may want to ensure that the device you are using is correctly up to date concerning time zone information.


@NTPman Thanks for your reply
Yes, anyway to ensure that the time zone will be updated to +3 instead of +2
So all services get the correct time


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That is up to your software not the pool. As he stated pool time is always in UTC no matter where in the world you are. It’s up to your local systems to convert UTC to local time. In this case all your software will need to be updated to support the time change.

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Ubuntu primarily manages time zone data through the tzdata package. You just have to install software updates as normal and you will (eventually) pick up time zone changes. (You may also have to restart programs or reboot for changes to take effect.)

(Some software may have internal time zone definitions, though.)

Windows is probably similar, but I don’t know.

The original poster never mention the African nation which start observing DST this year. From IANA tz-announce post we know it’s Egypt.

We still need sticky post to highlight this: Please turn to your OS vendor for time zone updates; the ntp software or ntp pool community cannot help!


Suggestions for expanding on How do I get NTP to use the right time zone? | NTP Pool News to explain this better are welcome.

It’s pretty good, but perhaps steering to the OS vendor, as @alica suggested, might improve it somewhat.

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Thanks; done. I tried briefly to find documentation from a couple vendors, but I ended up basically just using @alica’s language. :white_check_mark:

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