Request Fix Amman Time Zone

Dear Team,

i’m new on this, kindly help fix Time Zone of Amman, Jordan, as it’s changed , and sync with
provide time without change to summer time, summer time switch commenced this year on last Friday of Feb 25th, we’re a head of the synced time by 1 hour, and there is devices sync with your time


Hi @Janti

What devices aren’t on Summer time?

You need to update the settings (timezone file) on the devices. The pool always supplies time in UTC.

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Hi @elljay ,
thank you for your help,
Paloalto Firewall, not updating time zone, would you please advise how check inside pool definition of Time Zone (start end daylight saving) as our country changed it (again) this year, so year 2020 is same with 2021 but different than 2022,
and many of android devices in Jordan not able to update with time Zone (dont know if they use Pool too) like samsung


Hi, the pool doesn’t set the timezone or the daylight savings zone! They are set by the device.

Maybe Search Results - Customer Support - Palo Alto Networks is a place to start for Palo Alto Firewalls.

For Android you would need to contact the manufacturer of the device.

As a work around you could always change the timezone forward/backward one hour until the manufacturers release a new daylight savings/time zone file.

Thank you, :slight_smile:
will reach all, prefer Automatic, will try before setting it manual
you may close/delete this Post

Looks like every now and then someone will post requests to correct zoneinfo [1][2], which is not part of NTP protocol. Maybe we should set up some FAQ article and stick it on the top.


I suspect the people who need this particular information wouldn’t find th FAQ … Before we got this forum I’d get more of those questions in email (some still come in) and I had this page I’d send in reply: How do I get NTP to use the right time zone? | NTP Pool News