Central Mexico timezone

Hello, I would like to know if there will be any change about Mexico not changed their central time anymore. This since 2023 because of the presidential decree.

Many servers in Mexico depends these changes not affect their operations.

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NTP does not distribute time zone or Daylight Saving Time information. The NTP Pool runs in UTC. Time zone information is managed separately by your operating system or other software. You need to ask your other vendors about that.

The widely-used tz database updated the Mexico DST information in the 2022f release, if those are the changes you’re referring to.


As @mnordhoff said, there’s nothing pool.ntp.org can do about daylight savings time (or time zones). All NTP communications are conducted in UTC, and it’s up to each individual computer/phone/tablet to translate UTC to the local time according to the tz (timezone) database or other operating system or application software to translate UTC to local time.

In fact, just about every device still in use keeps its clock entirely in UTC when powered on. Intel PCs running Windows have a one-second resolution hardware clock that is maintained by a battery when the device is turned off that operates in local time, but that is an anomaly dating back to some IBM amateurs building a “toy” (home) computer in Boca Raton around 1980.

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