Spam issues here?

Recently the site has been bombarded with spam. Are there any plans for countermeasures?


The normal method is to set a group to “only members can post”. Once the robots find a mailable address, it’s all downhill from there.

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Yeah, it’s pretty frustrating. The language or character set is fooling the spam filter, it appears. I’ve added a bit of settings that might match if they come back (again).

Flagging helps a lot. A few of you “regulars” flagging posts from a new user will get them hidden. (Ralf, I think actually they got hidden after you flagged them; thank you!)

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The spammers are actually creating accounts with email addresses and from different IPs. From what I understand, the account are created by humans and each account only posts 3 spams. I’ve banned dozens of spammy accounts but since they only post 3 spams, it might be pretty useless…

first post must be moderated, like in mailman.

Discourse doesn’t seem to have an option for that. New users are already more limited.

Also, most new users are NOT spammers so I don’t think we want to discourage new folks too much. :slightly_smiling_face: