Lifting reply limit?

I was recently prevented from replying to an active topic because I had already replied three times to that topic. I’m trying to help troubleshoot an issue that’s affecting several NTP pool members and share my results. Due to the realtime, evolving nature of the issue, a stream of updates is to be expected. Is there any way to lift this restriction either globally or for me?

I appreciate the challenges in keeping bots from spamming the forums, but does this this restriction meaningfully help reduce spam? Admins have mentioned elsewhere that creation of new spam accounts was the bigger problem.

Anyway, I promise I’m not a bot. I can say, “This statement is not true,” without my logic core exploding. :slight_smile:

Thanks for managing these forums!

Your trust level went from “new” to “basic” about the time you posted this thread – possibly because you posted this thread – so you should no longer be restricted.

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Hi @curbynet – thank you for participating!

As @mnordhoff said, you just hit the “very new user” limits. I know it’s annoying if you are enthusiastically (and helpfully) starting out like you did, but slowing down spammers is nice for everyone, too. :-/ You shouldn’t hit this speedbump again.

I totally understand. Thanks for the info!

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