Volunteer support help needed

Our small crew of volunteers answering emails to the server-owner-help@ email address could use some backup if any of you are interested in helping. I’d like to add 2 or 3 volunteers, ideally in different time zones.

The requirements are:

  • Be involved with the community for several years (here on discourse, have a server in the pool, or maybe the old mailing list, etc)
  • Most of it is in English, so reasonable written English skills are needed
  • Second or third language skill is very welcome (obviously)
  • A variety of time zones are desired, so let me know which time zone you are in so we can see if we can spread out the volunteers a bit (if anyone is even interested!)

We usually just get a few emails a day, so it’s a 10-60 minute commitment per week if enough people help out. Up front, there’s more work because we’ve built a backlog that could use some help sorting out.

Most of it is done by logging into our request tracker, via email or here on discourse. The manage website interface in the pool system has some basic admin functions to search for servers, change zones, etc. (Help to improve those features are welcome, too!)

If you are interested, please email ask@ntppool.org or send a direct message here her discourse. If you have questions you can post them below (or in DM or email).


We got several new volunteers that I’ll setup this weekend to help manage the server-operator support emails and such, thank you!