View ignored content?

Hello, I am new here and I need some help, so I posted this thread
I have replied several times with links to some related articles, but now I am confused because those posts have “view ignored content” link and the text is like half transparent. What does it mean?? When I replied again to somebody and wrote in there it didn’t allow me to post because “sorry you cannot reply with link in this post”. What is that and what link? However when I deleted the dot in between NTP and org I could submit it. This is weird behavior indeed. Please explain

Newly registered novice users cannot post hyperlinks as a measure to prevent spambots.

wonderful… when do I stop being new? Are those posts totally invisible or others can view them by clicking that link “view ignored content” or something like that?
Can some moderator look at it and mark it as fine and visible?
Wouldn’t CAPTCHA be much better solution against spambots?

That’s what I see. To be not being flagged as new, join conversations without posting links and wait several days.

you know what. The thing is I need tech support and the customer I work for is not gonna wait until I promote myself on some forum :-] Not very practical approach IMHO. But I guess I got an answer anyway…

@McVitas I now longer see your posts flagged with “view ignored content”.