Pool.ntp.org vendor zone


my company ships a VPN appliance based on Debian Linux. For that we applied for an own vendor zone, with no response. I wrote an email to vendors@ntppool.org, but still no response. That all was in January.

Is the project still alive? We’re willing to pay the suggested fee.


Project is alive, admin is just busy now. @ask

Well, that was in January… How long does it usually take to get such a vendor zone?

@bernhard.walle In recent months, ages, unfortunately :-(.

@ask No offense intended here, but I’ve seen a few of these threads pop up, and leaving vendors who are trying to follow the proper process waiting months with no response isn’t reasonable.

I get that you’re busy, but if we don’t want people abusing the pool zones or setting things up in a way that we can’t mitigate problems, you really need to prioritise dealing with the vendor zone requests quickly, or delegate that task to someone else. The reality is that if you don’t, vendors will move ahead with their product rollout anyway, and there’s a good chance they’ll do so using the main pool zones, which nobody wants.

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Given Google is providing their time service available for commercial use, I guess we can reconsider if it is time to retire vendor zones. Existing vendor zones can continue to work while no new ones are allowed. Volunteers are not joining the pool to help some big companies externalize their business cost…

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I fully agree. When you sell hundreds of thousands if not millions of appliances, you can, better, should, be able to support the cost of running them.

The problem as @erayd stated, is some will use the pool anyway because it’s cheaper, easier, safer. How do we handle them if they do not suffer any kind of coercion?

There is a suggested monetary donation on the vendor page information depending on the number of expected devices to help subsidize the usage. That helps to offset the costs of the pool (Web & DNS) hardware and in turn provide the free service for the non-commercial users…

No need to get out the torches & pitchforks just yet…

Just sayin…

We’re not selling hundred thousands of appliances but a few hundreds. We can’t provide an own NTP infrastructure around the world. If it’s only Germany we can use the NTP server of PTB which is also free for commercial use as far as I understood.

I personally don’t want to use Google because (a) it’s Google and (b) the leap second issue which is incompatible with the rest of the world.

And, we’re willing to pay the suggested donation


I posted for a vendor zone back in Sept 2018, I think, certainly sometime around then. I chased it up a couple of times then, more recently late last year and each time nothing at all. Not an electronic sausage.

Should we abandon vendor zones and just use pool.ntp.org? (At present we’re using rhel.pool.ntp.org which isn’t right for Oracle Linux.). I have no idea what the suggested donation might be, no one got back to me with any suggestions at all, but I can’t imagine it would be much of an obstacle.

I should add that a vendor zone for Oracle Linux (OL) isn’t for Oracle, it’s for users of OL where ever they are to identify themselves as using OL in much the same way that the rhel, fedora and centos vendor zones are used.