Application for vendor zone is still pending for 5 weeks

Hi, 5 weeks ago I made a vendor zone application, but its status is still pending. I sent some emails to but didn’t get an answer. What can I do else to push my application?
Best regards

Hi, I think @ask is the only one able to administer vendor zones. I don’t have access to set them up and I don’t believe any of the other volunteer admins do… :man_shrugging:

Hi elljay, is it possible for you to see if something went wrong with our application or if it’s lost or not visible in your system? What I can see is:
ID: 2278 / vz-1cp0y7z
Organization: ******
Status: Pending
Or should I send emails to until it’s done?
Regards Peter

I have the same problem. I am not even sure if the form to request a vendor zone at does anything, as it doesn’t give any indication that my application went anywhere when I click the “request help” button.

My problem still remains. The status of my application is “pending” like 2 weeks ago. Mails to where not answered. But I have no better idea than sending mails to