Application for vendor zone is still pending for 5 weeks

Hi, 5 weeks ago I made a vendor zone application, but its status is still pending. I sent some emails to but didn’t get an answer. What can I do else to push my application?
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Hi, I think @ask is the only one able to administer vendor zones. I don’t have access to set them up and I don’t believe any of the other volunteer admins do… :man_shrugging:

Hi elljay, is it possible for you to see if something went wrong with our application or if it’s lost or not visible in your system? What I can see is:
ID: 2278 / vz-1cp0y7z
Organization: ******
Status: Pending
Or should I send emails to until it’s done?
Regards Peter

I have the same problem. I am not even sure if the form to request a vendor zone at does anything, as it doesn’t give any indication that my application went anywhere when I click the “request help” button.

My problem still remains. The status of my application is “pending” like 2 weeks ago. Mails to where not answered. But I have no better idea than sending mails to

This is, unfortunately, normal. Vendor zone requests can take months before @ask responds to them.

This has been highlighted as an issue many times before, but he doesn’t seem interested in fixing it. As I understand it, the bottleneck is that he is very busy with other things - but he has shown no inclination to recruit anybody else to help relieve load in that area :disappointed:.

All you can do is wait, and periodically nag him about it. You’ve done the right thing here, and thank you for trying to play by the rules. It’s appreciated.

If it’s taking so long it’s causing you problems though, you may just need to ignore the rules and use a public zone. If you do that though, please ensure you have some way of changing which DNS records your clients are looking up, without the need for a manual update on individual client devices. One of the biggest reasons for vendor zones is in case of accidental DDoS of the pool by misconfigured or poorly coded clients (this happens regularly when vendors ship buggy firmware updates, or buggy devices, sometimes even numbering tens of millions of bad clients out in the wild). If they’re using a vendor zone, we can relieve the load on the pool without needing to touch the clients. If that safety measure isn’t available, then it’s important that some other mechanism is in place which serves the same purpose.

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Hi erayd, many thanks for your reply and your confirmation that I’m doing right. So I will keep sending emails from time to time.
Regards Peter

Hi Senec,

we are a company, interested in getting a vendor zone as well and unfortunately, there is absolutely no feedback within the registration process, whether the request is currently processed or whether the registration has been successful.

@ask : I believe, that you could ask for a registration fee, which is sufficiently high to provide a registration within a week, if this helps. I think people are fully aware, that this service is not for free and, if somebody relies on the service, there should some kind of commitment to serve requests on time. Most likely money can solve the problem.

Best regards,

Johannes from ENVINET