Unable to register vendor zone?


I have filed a vendor zone registration application couple of months ago (#2045). As instructed in the guidance I have tried to ping from time to time the emails listed and maintainers of the service but it looks like that emails are not reaching persons nor answered.

We try to do the right thing but this is getting a bit frustrating.

Therefore I decided to try this forum to see if there are any response from here.

Or is this service dead? NTP servers do seem to give results so not fully at least.

Are there any other services that we could then use as an alternative? Global reach is what we are looking for.

Vesa Jääskeläinen

sadly only ask can approve Vendor Zones right now. The best Way is to contact him at ask@develooper.com.

Already tried that too…

Hi @vesajaaskelainen – ugh, sorry about this. I’ve gotten way behind on those trying to get automation finished and the process on the site clarified so it wouldn’t depend on me.

Unfortunately the request is still in pending state. I have now sent email to ask@develooper.com and to vendors@ntppool.org.

Let’s see if we can hopefully close the topic soonish.

@iocc Noticed you were following up on abandoned vendor zone requests - here’s another one.

I have sent a notice to ask :slight_smile:

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