NTP update /w an offset

I would have thought that my personal Windows PC was getting NTP updates, but after a few months I noticed that my system clock was off by 8 minutes!

I’ve determined that my motherboard is gaining a second every 15 minutes, and that’s 8 seconds everyday. So I conceded to fudge the Windows registry to invoke a NTP update once a day, but it irks me that as soon as my computer is the correct time, then it only gets worse from that point on!

Dare an I.T. professional (like me) dream that I could offset the NTP update to be 4 seconds behind? Where then half the day it’s getting closer to the correct time and only half the time it’s getting worse?

So I wrote a quick .exe program which is a scheduled Windows Task to run after
Event ID’s 37 or 36 (NTP events) to subtract 4 seconds from when these events are fired.

I’ve seen what the NTP specs have to offer, - but are you telling me there’s no built-in feature to offset the NTP update (for computers behaving badly)?

This forum deals primarily with the NTP Pool. Other lists may be better for Windows questions.

time.windows.com is often used as the time source for Windows PCs. That name maps into several Microsoft NTP servers. Typically they seem to be accurate within a few tenths of a second.

If I don’t have the money to replace the faulty hardware then I will simply tweak the registry to make w32time do SNTP query every hour. Check documents from Microsoft for instructions: