Time Service Event log query

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This is about time sync error in windows server , could you give the guidelines of below error ? please .

Error code as below,

The time service detected a time difference of greater than 5000 milliseconds for 900 seconds. The time difference might be caused by synchronization with low-accuracy time sources or by suboptimal network conditions. The time service is no longer synchronized and cannot provide the time to other clients or update the system clock. When a valid time stamp is received from a time service provider, the time service will correct itself.


looks like you are using w32time to synchronize your Windows PC and your refernce time is a bit unstable.
Check your refernce time.

To enforce an update follow the steps from the Windows Technet

  • open command prompt
  • w32tm /resync /rediscover /nowait
  • net stop w32time
  • net start w32time

You can also install NTP for windows if possible.

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Dear Apuls,
Thanks for your response ,
I’m new for NTP , sorry , could you guide me for below query ?

1 ) What is refernce time ?
2) How to check the refernce time ?
3) What is the difference between w32tm & NTP for windows ?

And may i know the reason of the following event ?

The system time has changed to β€Ž2020β€Ž-β€Ž10β€Ž-β€Ž10T05:37:50.747000000Z from β€Ž2020β€Ž-β€Ž10β€Ž-β€Ž10T05:37:50.747641200Z.

Change Reason: An application or system component changed the time.


The word i wanted to write was β€œreference”. Sorry for misspelling it twice.

The reference time is your time provider. In a Windows Domain it should be the domain controller or just a ntp server.

w32tm is the native Windows (simple)NTP client while NTP for windows is the original NTP client compiled as Windows binary. You can search for w32tm via your preferred searchengine to get some info and command line usage.

The earlier version of w32tm are not so good at timekeeping as original NTP client.
Some infos are here

Sorry but i don’t know the why the time has changed or why your appliaction think it has changed.

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Thanks for your information .