Lot of Asian IPv6 traffic in Central Europe at AT registered server

Dear All,

I see a huge number of IPv6 traffic from 2400::/12
This block belongs to Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC)
But my server is registered for AT ( Austrian ) zone. Which is in Central Europe.
So how is it possible ?

// Hans

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Hi Hans,

Apologies for the late follow-up!

Currently it’s possible for a user to specify that they want servers from a “not local” region. I’m considering removing that option as the number of times it’s mis-used seems to be higher than the number of times a knowledgable user configures it correctly.

If you post the IP address of your server (or email it to the address listed on the right side of the https://manage.ntppool.org/manage/servers page) then I or one of the other volunteers can lookup if there’s something particular about it (unlikely).

Hi Ask,

Thanks for coming back.
Here my IP addresses:
IP: 2001:628:21f0:80::80:160
IP: 2001:628:21f0:80::80:29

Could you explain how is it possible to select a “non local” area ? I thought the system is always looking for a local server even if configured pool.ntp.org
Of course it’s even possible in Asia to configure at.pool.ntp.org but I can’t believe that so many people did this wrong.

Kind regards

It’s unfortunately common for people to distribute configurations that use all the continent zones.

They’re probably using asia.pool.ntp.org, europe.pool.ntp.org, etc.

Note to anyone reading this: STOP.