Hi All,

Could you please let me know if this pool is 100% working coz i am not able to resolve it.

No it is not 100% working. You can check it on your own:
At the time of my writing, there is only one ipv4 server and no ipv6 servers available. So if you query AAAA then it will give no results.

1.3 Billion people in India… 0 IPv4 Servers & 1 Ipv6 active…

Next big Project, after getting China somewhat stable?

Hehe, just had the same thought.
Any data how many clients uses the “in” zone ?

Unlike China, it is rather easy to setup servers inside India, like @jpp did last year. But the cost (due to extra high throughput) will be a problem.

Can you please add https://www.ntppool.org/scores/ to the in pool ?

Update for all: Honestly, india is a pretty easy zone. I see around 3Mbit/s of traffic. Of course with strong peaks on full and half hours(around 10x traffic), but other than that, it is pretty smooth sailing.

What surprised me, is the amount of v6 Traffic. Around 1/3 of the traffic is v6 from my short analysis, which is quiet a lot for only beeing enabled on one subdomain

According to Akamai, India is so far the most ipv6 enabled country, for more than 60%. Given its low overall server count and heavy usage, I guess we should enable AAAA reply for all subdomains inside India.

Sure, added to IN pool.

Thank you iocc :slight_smile:
I have just added the ipv6 address of the same server to the pool which have currently a score of -5
Would be nice if you can remove it from FR and add it to IN too.


Thanks in advance.

You can put mines too, if you wish/need.

Please add to IN(India) CN(China) pool

Ok, removed FR and add to IN.

Sure if you give me the link to what server.

Added to INdia and ChiNa.

Oups, I thought you could easily access my profile:

You can add all four.

Edit: no URLs when you reply by email ? https://www.ntppool.org/user/cjg7hr7bn4739ubhnzjih

Its not obvious what servers that belong to you.
All four added to india.

Dam, what a sudden surge! More than 4 MB/s of traffic overall. But that’s ok for me.

Edit: Hum, 22 k pps seems to be a little bit too much for one server to cope, but I will see.

Hi @iocc
You can add tick.ntp.infomaniak.ch to the india or china zone if it can help us.
Though I would appreciate if it remained in the CH zone too.

The server has got a dual 1Gbit/s connection.