Help me to add my hong kong ntp server to nearby countries like China, Taiwan, Phillippines, Vietnam pool etc

i set to 1000mbps and my vps still have plenty bandwidth and cpu left, so could you add my server to these pools, i make sure that the server will still run properly

It is set as such, have a look:

It says @ Asia HK, meaning it will supply HK, Asia and the World if needed.

If you set your bandwith to maximum it will be used more then others.

actually traffic will increase if i am aded to other zone, because i am added to global and but not or tw, So adding me to these zone will increase some traffic(although may not be pronounced

  1. You should support Macao first. There are no local servers there; only Cloudflare anycast servers are available by now.
  2. Secondly, support China. With 13b population the local servers are always in a burden, and servers with land connection (not through sea cables) will surely help. But you shall first make sure your server are accessible from within GFW of China.
  3. Don’t bother joining other pools before you can keep running 1000Mbps under {hk,mo,cn} pool. Joining pools beyond your GeoIP range requires manual edit from admins, so you should refrain from bother them often.
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It doesn’t work like that.

If it tells you Asia, it means all Asia will get you in their pool.
That is also Macao.

People form there are served by the Asia pool if there is no explicit pool.

Also don’t foget that many ISP’s have their own timeserver and local users get their time.

Time will be correct, don’t worry about the pools.

Yes and no.

For “@ asia hk”, surely this server will be included in and, and serve people all over the world. But given the massive server counts from Europe and north America, a single server will not attract much traffic in the global level like the OP wants. Besides, vendor zones like will default to the respective client’s country zone, so an Android phone located in HK will hardly get time from servers outside HK. One shall first resides in a country with small pool to learn this; the small pool can be easily exhausted in dozens of consecutive queries. Thus for attracting even more traffic, joining other country zone is still a viable solution.

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