Why is using China my server in Austria


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Recently I checked the “mrulist” on one of my servers for a short period. I see there are about 1% ( exactly 1211 out of 118540 ) request coming from China. Actually it must be more as this is only the number where reverse DNS lookup was successfully. Now one can say, what are 1211 IP’s if there are more than 1 billions Chinese living on this planet. OK, trying to understand GeoDNS a little bit, I have to say China is not just around the corner here in Austria / Central Europe. Most of them have a domain name *.dynamic.163data.com.cn
I have seen the thread about the bootstrap project for China. A great idea but I cannot join with my small servers. Mine can handle the AT pool. Is this an other way to support undersized areas with NTP to split the requests in many small parts all over the world ?

Not to be misunderstood, I don’t mind if some few Chinese IP’s are using the AT pool. I just want to understand why. BTW I work in an organization with a lot of Chinese colleagues and I value them as a person.

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1% sounds reasonable to me. You cannot really prevent users from querying europe.pool.ntp.org even if they are not located in Europe.


Yes, I know. Any destination could be used.
Would be interesting if operators of other countries in Europe made the same experience.

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I get addresses from all over the world. It is quite interesting to watch at how global they are :slight_smile:


My server zone is Asia but you see I get requests from all over the world


Hi mengzhuo,

Thanks for reply.
But here an off-topic question: which tool did you use to create this nice graphic ?

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It’s Grafana. https://grafana.org


Chinese users using leaky VPNs that terminate in Europe might get your NTP server by DNS, but then connect with their Chinese IP.


so far i understand, DNS pool.ntp.org may provide any server worldwide.