List of underserved zones?

After getting a raise :slight_smile:, I now have budget to add 4 new servers to the pool and I was wondering if there is any list of underserved zone where adding new servers would help instead of just adding servers to NA.

Based on servers per population — China and India look needy.

How are the graphs for the various zones read… what do the various colors mean?.. I did not see a key for them.

I had the same question a while back and reverse engineered the SVG a bit. It’s all in there. :slight_smile:

There is a line for the total of registered IPv4 systems, and one for IPV6 systems as well.
Then there are lines for the currently reachable (active) systems (obviously a bit lower than the first line), both for IPv4 and IPv6. And finally there are lines for inactive systems, one for IPv4 and one for IPv6.

So, six lines in total.

Hope this little explanation makes sense. If not, feel free to ask.

Makes good sense, thank you. My summary:

Solid lines refer to ipv4, dotted lines to ipv6.

Light blue is servers registered.
Green is reachable / active servers.
Orange is registered but not active.

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I think the average configured server speed in each zone would give us a very good idea where more servers are needed. In some zones many servers are close to the maximum 1Gb/s and you see people asking for more traffic, but in some other zones most servers are closer to the minimum and most of the traffic is handled by the two Cloudflare addresses (which always have the maximum speed?).

A slight variation might work, using data from one server in each zone.
[This requires operator involvement.]
Let R=NTP pool configured rate (Mbits/sec)
Let O=observed rate (incoming requests/sec).
High values of O/R would suggest an underserved zone.

I have 3 active IPv4 NTP Pool servers. O/R values:
6390 Bangalore, India
1 Frankfurt, Germany
9 New York City.
While the units are not meaningful, it suggests that India is underserved.

I’ve a couple of server in the de/europe zone at fullspeed. All of them are currently serving at a rate 1500 - 1600 request per seconds.

A test server in Lithuania (Zone europe / lt) with fullspeed setting was serving about 20k - 25k request per seconds.The server ran for about 3 Days until i decided to shut down due the high traffic costs. Most of the request came from asia.

Personally i think the asia zone is generally underserved, maybe south / latin america too.

If you decide to provide additional ntp server, please try to “host” them in the country for which zone you want to supoort :slight_smile:

Stats from my Taiwan server has an O/R value of about 400 (1200qps daily average/3Mbps). Looks like it would be waste of electricity (and cash) to set up NTP only server in Europe and North America by now.
(By-the-way NTP service is fine, though)

I’m curious to know what traffic requests from servers located in Brazil. I currently have some servers located in the US East and they meet about 7k of requests per second at maximum netspeed.
Currently Brazil has only 25 active IPv4 servers in the pool. One of the difficulties of hosting a server in Brazil is the high bandwidth cost, and many VPS providers block the NTP port due to the risk of amplification attack.

Thank you, everyone. Will be setting up a few more servers in India.

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FWIW, I tried to estimate the average and median speed setting (via DNS) in zones that include the Cloudflare servers, but it didn’t look like it was consistently showing underserved zones on either end of the sorted list. It’s a bad idea.

Also, it looks like the Cloudflare servers are actually set to 2.5Gb/s, not the user-configurable maximum of 1Gb/s. They really do get a lot of traffic. Only in the US and DE zones their share seems to be below 10%. The average (per zone that has them) is above 50%.

Just found Add legend back on zone graphs · Issue #80 · abh/ntppool · GitHub

Turquoise: Total number of servers
Green: active/working servers
Yellow: inactive/bad/down servers

Solid lines: IPv4
Dotted lines: IPv6
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Philippines. There is just Cloudflare and two that my guys operate.

.ph is expensive and none of the large cloud providers are there but CloudSigma sell VPS in 3 locations in PH. Anyone willing to jump into .ph - you’d be helping a lot.

I just brought up a new server in Los Angeles - it’s an 8 core (with hyper-threading) Xeon E3-1230 running rsntp on an unmetered gigabit connection. It’s handling about 8000 queries a second right now. It could handle a lot more (~500k qps). I’d be happy for it to be added to any underserved zones (China?, India? South America? other?)

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Hi, I have 2 LeoNTP servers in Hong Kong and I am happy to help. You may add my servers to the underserved pools if they helps.