Brazil zone needs some more servers (but not as much as China)

The Brazil zone’s been historically underserved, and there was a drive a while back to add more servers.

In recent days the active server count has sometimes dropped as low as 8 IPv4 servers and 4 IPv6 servers (though it’s doing a bit better at the moment).

China’s justifiably the focus right now, but as one of the remaining (IPv6) server operators, I would appreciate it if some people signed up for Brazil again too.

I have one (foreign) VPS in the Brazil zone. The IPv4 spikes were too much for me and I removed my IP (somewhat accidentally) a long time ago. The IPv6 traffic is normally fine, but when it drops to 4 active servers and I get 25% of the entire country, I get like 6 Mbps of inbound traffic. If this keeps up I’ll kind of have to drop out. :slightly_frowning_face:

Trying to host a server within Brazil is pretty expensive. Does anyone have any suggestions as to which locations have low latency/high bandwidth connections with Brazil where a few well placed cheap hosts could help prop up the zone ?

Miami and surrounding areas would be my best guess.

A bit late to the party, but I managed to pick up a Miami based VPS recently (although currently the IPv4 was picked up as europe/ro !)

IPv6: 2001:550:1d05:30::58e:3ef3

@ask or @iocc
Please could you change the IPv4 location for the server to north-america/us and then add both IPv4 and IPv6 to the Brazil zone ?


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@ask or @iocc or someone:

Could you move 2600:3c00::2:b402 to the Brazil zone?

Sure, its fixed now.

Yes sure, its done…

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Great thanks, that did the trick :slight_smile: