Servers in India zone are unstable

Hi guys

I’m running 3 NTP servers, two of which were added two weeks ago in the India zone. The third one was added two days ago. Here are a few things that I noticed:

  1. The two servers (let’s say A and B) I added earlier show a sawtooth pattern in the monitoring graph.
  2. The third server (C), despite being in India (but autoconfigured to US zone) is very stable and its score is only increasing.

Server A, and C are on Oracle Cloud. I’m running my projects on them, and on the side, I’m running these NTP servers. The projects consume very little resources so resource crunch is not an issue.

Server B is a Raspberry Pi 4B in my home. It has a static IPv6 and local monitoring shows 100% of the requests were responded to, however, it also shows a sawtooth pattern in the monitoring.

I’m not able to understand the cause of this. I switched from NTPd to Chrony but still there is no difference.

Is this an issue from the monitoring end that zones in India/Asia are not being monitored correctly, because two same servers, in the same location, with the same configuration, but different zones are showing different monitoring results?
Or are the servers actually getting unstable in the India zone due to any reason whatsoever?

Also, two different servers in two different locations, and different networks, but in the same zone show the same sawtooth graph.

Any help or right direction for debugging is appreciated :slight_smile:

It happens to many IPv4 servers.

@Ask is working on a new monitor-system to minimise this from happening.

Nothing you can do or change to make it better.

It’s just UPD-timeouts that happen underway and as the routing of IPv6 is faster is happens far less.

Therefor a new system is in the making to have more then 1 monitor and a better score-handling system.


I’m working with Rishabh to collect traceroute, etc. This situation differs from the many others we’ve seen, as it affects IPv6.

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