Adding servers to the China zone

The China zone gets about 100,000 NTP requests per second (or maybe more, but that order of magnitude). It’s basically impossible to join it without getting tens of thousands of queries per second.

To “bootstrap” it I’d like to add 25-30 servers (or more) at once (from anywhere in the world).

I’m planning to make the software do this automatically for underserved zones, but similarly to what was once done for the tr zone, I’d like to do it for cn.

So … if you are running a server in the pool and wiling to help out, please reply to this topic or send me a private message or email. I’ll add all the IPs at once when I have at least 25 IPv4 servers.


You could use my european server.

Maybe more, even with 8 servers in the cn zone at the moment I’m still seeing 30k requests per second, as is LeoNTP7.


You can add mine, (and if v6 ones are needed).

I’m up to 8 IPv4 servers (some were posted privately or by email). ~17 to go. :slight_smile:

Oh, the number of active servers went up a bit. Hmm. Maybe having a bit of LeoNTP helped make the others survive… I still think my target of at least ~25 servers is about right (~10k qps per server; and enough that the bandwidth settings will make a bit of difference). Hopefully there’ll be more than 25 volunteers though.

For those of you “pledging” servers, feel free to pledge “add mine if there are at least X added” if you’re comfortable being one of 40 but not one of 25, for example.

Feel free to add to the CN zone:

If you want, you can add that server right now. Extrapolating from previous traffic peaks and load statistics, I believe it has the capacity to serve some 50k req/sec without problems.

edit: To see the eventual traffic increase, my stats are at

You can add mine:

can add IPv4 server to CN zone:

can add IPv6 server to CN zone:

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I think we’re getting close to 25 servers between the servers pledged here and elsewhere.

I plan to add them all to the CN zone in about 15 hours (~16:00 UTC plus minus an hour). That time is hopefully relatively time zone friendly and also I’ll be awake. :slight_smile: (I don’t want to do it without warning in case any of you want to watch your servers as it happens and be ready to turn it off or turn the net speed up or down).


You can add my IPv4 server:

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It’s varying quite a bit, down to two servers again, with LeoNTP7 dropping out again. My LeoNTP is running at a solid 65Mbps now.

You may use (from Croatia).

If necessary, and [] could also be used. It would hopefully help the cause. I am just cautious :slight_smile:.

However, the traceroutes to China are quite convoluted :frowning2:

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You can add

These are all active now!

Hopefully this will help bootstrap the service working and being more reasonable to participate in. Over the next week I’ll try emailing everyone who’s added a Chinese server in the past and encourage them to try again.

For anyone who is interested, a datapoint - until now this server was in the BG (and EU) zones, the change with .cn is pretty visible, but nothing too scary:

(Currently these are ipv4 only)

1 Like will be in and out for some time while I am changing the switches in the DC.

It’s quite interesting how kickstarting a new underserved zone needs coordinated effort.
We should do it more often! :slight_smile:
I guess now we need to encourage locals to start growing local .cn server presence?


So far, my NTP cluster work fine, traffic avage up 10 Mbps. :grin:

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That’s great, thank you (to all of you) for your contributions. @tomli, can you tell how it’s working from inside China?

Yes, I’m planning start that in the next week or so.


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I have informed people about the Bootstrap Project on my social network, and one friend from a university said he already returned to the Pool yesterday, so far so good :slight_smile: I’m going to join my servers to the China zone again and see how it works. I’ll handle the administration access later for your testing.

Anyway, I don’t know how the China zone performs today, because even myself do not explicitly use it. I’m going to switch my machines to use the China zone. But I believe they’re working perfectly.

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A great result, up to 40 servers in the CN zone now!

I assume previously that servers in the Asia zone would have been serving the China traffic?

Or would it have been spread across all pool servers globally?