Is it possible to add regions to my NTP server?

Hello, i’m back with a brand new firewall and router. My ISP gave me back the same IP address.
Could you add [ad] [at] [be] [de] [europe] [fr] [li] [lu] [mc] [va] to my NTP server (

Hope it’ll be fine this time and that my router will be strong enough !!
Thanks in advance.


Right now we are discouraging the practice of adding a server to additional zones which it is not physically located in, except under certain limited circumstances (i.e. for testing or trying to bootstrap a zone).

Having a proper location configured helps the end users that want / expect the closest possible servers when configuring at the country level.

Hello there,

Although it is completely understandable, then why from a certain speed (say 1 mbps), the servers get the global label? @ This is no longer valid? No more balancing? In such a case that specific areas are proposed and on the other hand the servers with high speed have the global label that I understand it’s a bit absurd. Automatic balancing is fine but adding specific areas could allow countries that now do not have their own ntp pool address. It is only an opinion but it seems contradictory to me. My NTP server can overcome much higher requests than the current ones and if specific zones are added it can help. I’m not talking about a US server responding to requests from Europe but a server located in Europe adding specific areas of Europe is not unreasonable and can release load to other servers and I don’t think the latency is high within the same continent, example (Europe). I don’t know how the balance works it’s just a point of view. I have put 512 to cover only my area and Europe and I receive requests from China constantly. I don’t know if it’s because of the ntp pool or is it just that China is constantly scanning the inet.

Any setting >= 768k automatically puts your server in the global zone (@), and if you change it lower then it is automatically removed (though you will continue to get queries for quite some time until clients reboot and refresh their NTP server list).

You could be receiving queries from china because like you said they are just scanning IPs, or it could be misconfigured netblock(s) in the Maxmind GeoIP database, or they could be using the europe pool name.

Having 3 tiers (Global, Continent, Country) gives a good level of flexibility for clients to choose how broad a pool they want to query from. It also allows for the registration process to be fully automated. Also, just because two countries are adjacent to each other doesn’t necessarily mean they have good internet connectivity between.

Having the continent zones makes adding a server to multiple country zones within the same continent redundant. It also dilutes the level of precision for end-users that want a specific country, and end up with a server that really isn’t located where it says it is.

IIRC, simply using [0-3] will automatically use geolocation and return servers within your determined country.