Miscategorized server; foreign zones?

I added, which is running in Singapore, but it got incorrectly marked as being in the US. I did leave a note and perhaps I’m just impatient. :slight_smile:

Reading through other posts, it’s unclear to me what the latest policy is on adding servers to additional zones. I’ve seen some mention that it’s only done for the country the server is in; others say that it’s continent-level. I’d be fine having added to the China zone or similar if that’s helpful.

Likewise, 2602:fe90:100:8::2 and (one dual-stack server) are physically in NY, but I’d be happy to have it added to the Brazil zone. (Much of the Brazil <-> US fiber lands in NY.) I had an OVH box in Canada in the Brazil zone for the longest time but had to get rid of it. (I have an EC2 instance in São Paulo, but keep it at the 3Mbps setting because I’m paying $0.15/GB for it, and at this point NTP traffic is the majority of what it’s pushing.)

If this is no longer fashionable, no worries.

Hi, I can’t spot anything for you or that IP in the ticketing system, but I’ve just moved the server to asia sg.

Even as a volunteer admin it’s virtually impossible to get any contact with @ask - the last direction he gave was that servers should be physically close to the countr(ies) they’re serving so the end user gets the best possible service. There are a few exceptions, but each needs to be looked at on a case by case basis to check if the zone is currently empty; the server & link can cope with the traffic level etc etc. I don’t have access to the traffic levels per zone for example so I don’t really have all the info I’d need to make a call… If you can think of a way to get @ask to come back and put a sensible number of full admins etc in place that would be ideal… :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

I hadn’t realized that was the case. Thanks for being a volunteer admin, though!

When moved from US to SG, bandwidth increased from about 10kbps to about 1Mbps. :grin: No problem at all, but a bigger difference than I expected!

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Could I trouble someone to move to Brazil as well? It’s a VM running in Sao Paulo, but got tagged as US when I added it. (Probably because the parent netblock belongs to a US company, but the /24 is being announced from a data center in Brazil.)

Hi, I’ve moved across to south-america br :+1: