Configure Server for Multiple Zones

Hello all,

Although I’m new to the community Discourse and NTP Pool, I’ve been running an NTP server for quite some time. My pool statistics are a little off since I had to make a few hosting changes, but things should be smooth sailing from now on.

My server is currently zoned for Global, North America, and Canada, which is completely correct! It is currently located near Montreal, Quebec.

Would it be possible to also assign my server to the United States zone, while keeping the Canada zone? My hosting provider has excellent peering into the US, plus I’d like to see some more traffic to my server.


Hi Tanner,

The US is pretty well covered, so most likely that wouldn’t add too much traffic anyway. (Really North America should be split in more fine grained regions than just countries …).

I’m planning a feature so you can opt-in to helping serve poorly covered countries. I’ve been making decent progress on the new account features on the beta site, so sometime after that is done …


Thanks for the quick response!

Good luck with the implementation and Happy Discourse Cakeday. :smiley: