Change Zones of Server

Is there any way to change zones of server added to pool? I’ve added my NTP server with ipv6 address to pool but it is added to zones:north-america us @

It’s a server located in Poland so zones need to be changed… Can I do that?

If someone can move server to proper zones - address of server is:

Hi @sledzik1984 – if you email the email address listed on the manage servers page (search for “To change other server information”) then a ticket to someone with access to change the zones will be created.

Hi, I noticed you are connected via a Hurricane Electric tunnel. From what I can tell, you are connected via an endpoint in Prague (CZ) even though your server is in Poland. Is that correct? Not sure what the best pool zone would be in that case. I leave that up to the admins.

But there seems to be a tunnel server in Warsaw (PL) as well.

Get a provider that doesn’t tunnel IPv6 or turn off IPv6 as your IPv4 resolves to Poland but your IPv6 does not.