Having some difficulty getting some issues with my servers sorted out

Hello, I have sent a couple of emails but heard nothing back. Basically, I have two servers where I later changed the hostname (not the IP though) so I want to have those updated. One of my IPv4 addresses was also wrongly identified as Canada when it is in the US. My two servers set as time.thenetworknerds.ca should be changed to time00.thenetworknerds.ca (https://www.ntppool.org/scores/, https://www.ntppool.org/scores/2a0d:1a40:fa1::1). The following servers should be set to United States rather than Canada: https://www.ntppool.org/scores/, https://web.beta.grundclock.com/scores/

Your IP address is owned by a Canadian company, that’s why your server was categorized as under Canada: https://tools.keycdn.com/geo?host=

Ad hostnames - they are only for visual purposes AFAIK, NTP pool is based on IP addresses only. You can delete the server with wrong hostname and add it again.

I’m guessing you probably have to remove them and then re-add them.

I guess the second problem probably cannot be corrected by only delete and re-add of server entry. The pool system side GeoIP data must be updated, or we can only rely on admins to manual correct this.

IMHO the admin page shall make the zone entry editable. GeoIP can still be used to provide default data, but if the user wants to join his server into more zones (eg. to support poor cn & in zone) then no admins’ intervention is needed.

I agree. My IPv6 space is my own so it’s not got proper GeoIP which meant it let me set it for myself but the IPv4 is from a friend who is from Canada so all of his IPs got set as Canadian even though he uses some in the US.
I also have way more bandwidth and processing power than I really need so I would be happy to help out some zones that are having issues, especially that CN zone (it would also help my ASN look like it’s actually doing something).