Brazil IPv6 traffic increase

I have a (foreign) server in the Brazil pool, only available over IPv6, with the net speed set to 768 Kbps.

(It dates to the call for Brazil volunteers from 1 or 2 years ago. I removed my IPv4 IP 'cause i couldn’t handle the traffic, but kept the IPv6 one at a low net speed.)

Today, starting around 15:00 UTC, the system’s incoming IPv6 traffic level suddenly spiked from a couple hundred Kbps to around 5 Mbps.

At a glance, the traffic appears legitimate. There’s just a lot of it.

Is it just me? How’s IPv4? How much traffic is going to servers with high net speed settings!?


It’s a US server. Speed settings are:

US IPv4: 500 Mbit
US IPv6: 1000 Mbit
BR IPv4: (removed a year ago)
BR IPv6: 768 Kbit

Over a 1 minute period a little bit ago, it received:

US IPv4: 106,000 queries
US IPv6: 21,000
BR IPv4: 200
BR IPv6: 313,000



Maybe it’s due to today’s IPv6 monitoring issues. The Brazil pool only lost 3 out of 7 servers, but maybe they were high speed.

Did it drop again after the other servers came back? I’m surprised you see so much IPv6 traffic in Brazil. Do you know how much traffic your IPv4 server used to get?

Yeah, it’s fine now. I posted before i figured out what was going on. (Obviously, given all the edits i made…)

I guess the net speed breaks down when there are only 4 active (IPv6) servers in the entire country. Can’t exactly balance the DNS records…

It wasn’t an egregious amount. The system is a VM, and could only handle 10-15k queries per second.

The Brazil IPv4 traffic was like 5-10k/s itself, which was uncomfortable on its own, and probably worse during spikes. I don’t remember the net speed i used.

(By the way, today’s IPv6 traffic was high, but didn’t cause problems. It was just a surprise, and it came close.)