Transfer ownership of ntp server (to another email address)

I’d like to transfer the management of two ntp servers to another people in my organisation. From my Interface I tried to update my email address by a new one but I do not see a page/menu where it can be possible. Did I miss something ?

Probably easiest to just delete them from your account and let the other people add-them to theirs (after they get removed of course).

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Hi Willy,

What @littlejason99 suggested should work. You can also email the contact address on the site and I can sort it out (the other volunteers can’t yet).

I’ve actually been working on an “accounts” feature to contain the servers (and vendor zones) rather than individual users. I know it’s not the most requested feature, but it’ll help this sort of scenario that takes some time to do (which is time away from other maintenance and development).

Hi @ask .
Finally I used the second option . You should have received an email from my colleague with details (I was in cc) .

Yes, thank you. :slightly_smiling_face: