Transfer or delete vendor pool?

I’ve emailed about this a few times over the past year, with no reply.

I have a vendor zone associated to my account, for a company I no longer work for.
I don’t see any options in the UI to transfer ownership or to delete the vendor pool.

How does one address this situation (and please don’t tell me to email that address. It’s essentially a black hole.)

Hi @jpalmer, @ask has brought a few volunteers on board to help out, but there are some things that currently only @ask can help with - changing email addresses and changes to the vendor pool are a couple of them.

I think probably the best thing to do is send in the details via the form on - that will create a ticket in the help system which means @ask will have all the details to hand when he has time to pick up the ticket.

@elljay Apologies, but I don’t see any forms there. all I see is an email link to Ask, which as I mentioned… has netted no results over the past year. Do you have a direct link/url to this form? am I just blind and missing something insanely obvious?

Hi @jpalmer, underneath the blue “continue to login” button on mine I see three boxes (name / address / message) with a “Request help” button at the bottom - think they appear for everyone?

You will have to log out first. Then there is the submission box he was talking about.

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Ahh, that was the problem. Thanks!