How to switch away from third party auth for log in

My account is currently using GitHub for authentication. I decided to move away from GitHub as authenticator. How do I switch my NTP Pool account to a plain user name / password account?

On the account page it states:

To change your email address, add the new address to the team and login to remove the old address.

I tried that. I added a new e-mail adres and confirmed that address. However, I cannot use that to log in, since I have no password set in NTP Pool due to GitHub auth. I also don’t see a list of addresses.

In addition I tried forgot password for the old (linked to GitHub) and the new e-mail address. For neither I received a password reset mail.

Hi @penguinpee – email the server-owners-help email address that’s listed when you are logged in and we can help.

Thanks. I send an e-mail.