Recovery access to org pool


Can anyone assist me with how to recover access to my organization pool? We trying to recovery via email several times, but without success. Also, we did not receive any emails from

All possible help appreciated! Thank you.

Hi @dmitry, have you got a ticket open for the access recovery - please can you advise the ticket number if you have? If not please send me a Private Message with all the details.

@ask appears to be the only person with access to manage the vendor pool, so I’m afraid you’re stuck until he reappears. :man_shrugging:

Laurence, volunteer pool admin

Hello @elljay , thank you for your reply. Where I can open a new ticket?

The main issue that we want to create a pool for our vendor, but this name already registered, and no one from our team does not know who was create this pool name.

I don’t have forum permission to send private messages.

Hi, in that case I’m afraid I think you’re stuck until @ask reappears…

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