Time zone in Mag device

I have a Mag device which I try to define an exact time in Israel. I tried settings:
All kind with numbers before asia…
And yet the clock is constantly unaffected and shows an hour back from the existing time, i.e. if in practice it is 15 o’clock it shows on the device 14. I would be very grateful for help and guidance
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Hi, the pool (NTP) always supplies time in the GMT timezone. The device will have another setting to set the local timezone so it can apply the difference to GMT and daylight saving etc.

Google/Youtube suggests there’s a “time zone” setting in the Advanced menu - Youtube

Hope that helps, if not if you post the model number someone will probably recognise how to set it :slightly_smiling_face:

My device is Mag 424w3
All settings I set as described and still for some reason does not change an hour and stays an hour back

check DST policy of your region

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