Setting up an onsite copy of the ntppool and geoDNS system?


Has anyone successfully setup a copy of the ntppool and geoDNS systems in their own environment? I’m able to checkout all the source and havea basic understanding of the configs, but how it all fits together isn’t completely clear. Also, the assumption that you use docker is pretty prevalent. Although I CAN use docker, I’m trying to understand the interaction of components without muddying the water with virtualization or containerization concepts. Also, several of the docker commands just don’t seem to work right and I don’t know if I’m missing pre-reqs or have something more serious wrong:

[root@ctechntp1 ntppool]# ./docker/app 
+ perl Makefile.PL
Generating a Unix-style Makefile
Writing Makefile for NTPPool
"\x{00f8}" does not map to ascii at /perl5/perls/perl-5.22.2/lib/5.22.2/ExtUtils/ line 1182.
"\x{00f8}" does not map to ascii at /perl5/perls/perl-5.22.2/lib/5.22.2/ExtUtils/ line 1182.
"\x{00f8}" does not map to ascii at /perl5/perls/perl-5.22.2/lib/5.22.2/ExtUtils/ line 1182.
"\x{00f8}" does not map to ascii at /perl5/perls/perl-5.22.2/lib/5.22.2/ExtUtils/ line 1182.
Writing MYMETA.yml and MYMETA.json
+ HULK=/usr/bin/hulk
+ make templates
(/usr/bin/hulk docs/manage/tpl/client/*.html > docs/shared/static/js/admin-templates.js)
+ cd combust/services/httpd
./docker-run: line 14: cd: combust/services/httpd: No such file or directory

Any guidance is appreciated.


Hi Dan,

I think you’re missing ‘git submodule update --init’.

The production system doesn’t use containers (yet, at least). The next iteration of the deployment will run in kubernetes rather than just in Docker containers and I expect that to likely go into production.



Unless I’m doing something wrong, that should be handled by the recursive switch on the checkout, but the checkout stalls on combust:

[dgeist@ctechntp1 src]$ git clone --recursive
Cloning into 'ntppool'...
remote: Counting objects: 8356, done.
remote: Compressing objects: 100% (6/6), done.
remote: Total 8356 (delta 2), reused 4 (delta 2), pack-reused 8348
Receiving objects: 100% (8356/8356), 2.04 MiB | 2.11 MiB/s, done.
Resolving deltas: 100% (3919/3919), done.
Submodule 'combust' (git:// registered for path 'combust'
Submodule 'docs/shared/static/cdn' (git:// registered for path 'docs/shared/static/cdn'
Submodule 'docs/shared/static/d3' ( registered for path 'docs/shared/static/d3'
Cloning into 'combust'...

I checked the URL manually and I can’t access it via the git:// handler but CAN use http://. Looks like I need to ask the company firewall team to allow TCP9418 out of the enterprise network.



Okay, so it appears the place I was downloading from initially didn’t permit the git:// transactions. Ticket submitted to enterprise firewall team to open that up. I’ve moved to an unfiltered host to try again and am now getting the following:
Cloning into ‘docs/shared/static/d3’…
Permission denied (publickey).
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Please make sure you have the correct access rights
and the repository exists.
Clone of '' into submodule path 'docs/shared/static/d3' failed

“combust” and “cdn” both look to have completed.



I’ve removed the submodule and just imported the files that the system used.

My tweaks lately have been on the “kube” branch, so that had this fixed but I hadn’t put it back on master…


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