Setting up a pool development environment

Hi, I’m currently trying to set up a development environment of the NTP Pool. My aim is to have a working copy running on my infrastructure to play around with, and to eventually be able to make and test changes of the Pool code.

However, I have not found any current information about how to set up all this. I have found out that the install instructions linked in the git readme are outdated and that the pool is now running on Kubernetes, and I found the helm charts. Is there a manual somewhere documenting if there is anything else I need and how to set up and configure this all? And ideally what I need to do to make my own changes in the system? And how all the repositories are connected?

what exactly you mean by dev environment?

Which components are you talking about?

hi @Sebhoster – yes, it’s likely a bunch of things are out of date! It’s rare that anyone else have setup an instance, so there are a bunch of things not explicitly documented (the configuration repositories are private). It’d be great to have that improved.

I’ll send you a DM and see how we can get you started and maybe we can get some of the instructions improved. You are right about everything running in Kubernetes now. For a while it was possible to run things just in docker, but not anymore.

I think it would be great if we could make this sort of thing more accessible to pool participants. The pool is a resource that a lot of people rely on, and I think we need to work on making knowledge about its workings more public, and its process more open.

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Hi everyone, thanks for the responses and @ask for the DM. I’m a bit short on free time until April, but once I get started setting stuff up I will try to document the entire process as I go to make it easier for the next person trying this.