How can I set up NTP Pool in local?

I want to set up NTP Pool, using my own machine.
So I followed this instruction.
Link 1 : Installation instructions - NTP Pool Development

But it didn’t worked.
So I checked git hub issue in Link 2,

Link 2 : docker link broken · Issue #155 · abh/ntppool · GitHub

And I changed instruction.

Link 3 : ntppool 0.4.15 · ntp/ntppool

But it’s still didn’t worked.
I installed minikube, docker, docker-compose in ubuntu 20.04 LTS(VM)
And error is

Error : INSTALLATION FAILED: template: ntppool/charts/geoip/templates/deployment.yaml:59:26: executing “ntppool/charts/geoip/templates/deployment.yaml” at <.Values.geoipupdate.config_script>: nil pointer evaluating interface {}.config_script

My question is
How can I set up NTP Pool in local?

If you experienced NTP Pool installing in your local machine, please help me.