What NTP Servers are you running

The other day I was wondering what type of type servers everyone donates to the pool. Wouldn’t it be nice to ‘show-off’ our respective servers? Or is this a bit too sensitive a piece of information (for a possible attacker)?

What are your thoughts on this matter?

Hi Kets,

Nope, no problem, here is my junk :slight_smile:


I offer 5 servers (some both IPv4 and IPv6) and I run 2 monitors (dual-stack they monitor IPv4 and IPv6)

All of them running Chrony, 2 Stratum 1 and rest Stratum 2.

However I have listed them to do 512Kbit, as they are a hobby and I have to share bandwitdh with other services.

As such I support Europe only.


Miroslav has established that an interested party can tell the difference between major NTP implementations based on slight differences in their behavior detectable by anyone who can use the server, so I don’t think that’s an issue.

So Dave, be a good boy and show your shit :crazy_face:

I did, serveral times, never gave me any problems.

I’m also listed on Stratum 1/2 sites for NTP…nothing ever happened. :slight_smile:


All are running ntpd 4.2.8p17 plus pending fixes. v6.ntp.md is a Mac mini, the rest are Windows PCs. ntp.md is the only one with PPS, using the serialpps.sys driver signed by Meinberg.

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Why not make a pool in DNS?


bas@workstation:~$ nslookup ntp.md

Non-authoritative answer:
Name:	ntp.md
Name:	ntp.md
Address: 2001:470:e114::123


bas@workstation:~$ nslookup ntp.heppen.be

Non-authoritative answer:
Name:	ntp.heppen.be
Name:	ntp.heppen.be
Name:	ntp.heppen.be
Name:	ntp.heppen.be
Name:	ntp.heppen.be
Address: 2a02:578:440e:0:5f05:fa04:1720:d90f
Name:	ntp.heppen.be
Address: 2001:41d0:203:654d::8f37:5630
Name:	ntp.heppen.be
Address: 2001:41d0:700:1e9d::ec3d:bd92
Name:	ntp.heppen.be
Address: 2a02:578:440e:0:aaa1:59ff:fe3d:5b53

Just an idea :crazy_face:

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I have 8 (soon to be 7 servers). Going to migrate Seoul to a new country soon as the old system always had very bad scores.

Only just found out you can have a profile page so pool.ntp.org: Gombadi's pool servers
I also have a public page with some more information about each server. NTP server stats

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If I were to do that, I’d make it pool.ntp.md. For my uses, I want to be able to pick a particular server by name.

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Yes and so, they all have names too…ntpX.heppen.be too.
But the pool is ntp.heppen.be

You can reach everyone on their own number as well.

Just a question of DNS-entries… :slight_smile:

Hey guys,

I’m running the following for the pool:
Meinberg M300 GPS/MRS (Beersheva) (IPv6/IPv4)
Meinberg M200 DCF77/PZF (Shiloh) (IPv6)
Meinberg M300 GPS (Jerusalem) (IPv6)

(I’m running a fourth M300 DCF77/PZF which is not in the pool but just for the PPS signal as a multi-reference source for Beersheva, in case the GPS-signal cuts out or is unreliable.)

As you can see i’m really fond of applicances. :wink:


Did the same here though I’ve got a few servers out right now so you might get the same IP more than once.



For me it’s only a hobby, so I don’t have any professional gear and I’m running everything from home.
I have 1 system in the pool (IPv4 and IPv6): a Soekris 6501 with a Meinberg PZF180PEX DCF77 receiver.
Furthermore I have a Soekris 5501 with a Garmin 18-LVC GPS receiver and a Soekris 5501 with a Meinberg C51 DCF77 receiver.
But they don’t run 24/7 normally.

I’m happy to share my stats, but I don’t see how to create a public profile on the ‘manage servers’ page.


I am running a raspberry pi 3 and a raspberry pi 4 with AdaFruit GPS HATs.

OS: Raspbian Bullseye 64 bit
NTP Server: NTPsec - Built from Source
GPS Monitor: GPSD - Built from Source

They were cobbled together with various blog posts around the internet. Started as a project with Robotic control with GPS positioning and ended up with getting me into Time Services and PPS needed for SDR radio services. Now finally providing time services.

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On the manage page go to “Manage Account” there you can edit your profile and also activate a public profile too.


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@Maurice Welcome to the community!

For me it’s also a hobby (maybe grown a bit out of proportions), but all servers are second hand. You just have to check your local CraigList or Ebay, though even then they are expensive. They are usually 500-1000 USD each and most dont come complete or up-to-date. So I have had to buy additional stuff like antenna’s and update/check each one… Sounds like a hobby, right? :slight_smile:

Ofcourse if you like to build your own and compile the binaries then buying an appliance doesn’t float your boat.

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Thanks, here are my stats. Only the first and last are in the pool, the rest was only added today and at the moment monitoring only.

Thanks @Kets_One .
Indeed, every now and then something interesting comes along, but as you say, the second-hand prices are also quite high.
And then I wonder: do I really need it? The answer is always no, but sometimes I go for it anyway :wink:

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Same here.

I was running 2 GPS-1PPS servers already…but then I saw the 5PPS Garmin.

I was like, lets see how it goes…just for the fun of it.

I tried to get professional PCIe cards, they made me a 50% off offer, but it would still be 900 euro for just a card, no antenna.

Told them I was doing this…they wouldn’t sell me one at 200 euro :sob:

My wife thinks that I’m crazy anyway, spending this much time and money on time :slight_smile:


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lol, my wife prob thinks the same.

It surprises me that so many are not using professional equipment. So the pool CAN run on non-professional equipment, haha

Anybody running NTP server on VPS?
Just wondering how much work that would be and what the associated costs would be.