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Hi @ask

I’ve just come across this draft and I think this would help introduce a more authoritative source on NTP server best practices (stackoverflow is not a good place to get best practices). I recommend we add it in somewhere on that page.

One section I was interested in was the Leap second bit where it is crystal clear that leap smearing is bad for public servers and explains why. I also learned about mean solar time and :full_moon: power

Another thing I like that it was written for NTP server operators in mind.


Yeah, I mentioned an earlier draft at

Patches welcome!

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Thanks. I’ve submitted a PR, this is what I’ve written:
Does anyone have any suggestions to improve the text?

@ask would you mind taking a look at the PR?

I forgot to reply here; it was merged and pushed on June 24th. :slight_smile: Thank you!

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And, Thank you for all the hard work you are doing working on the NTP Pool! :slight_smile:

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