IP "misplaced" to USA, routed to India

I added a new server today which is phyisically located in India: pool.ntp.org: Statistics for

The very same server’s IPv6 address is correctly located to there, but the IPv4 address is assumed to be in the USA.
From BGP I can see, there’s a route for, so presumably that whole prefix is routed to India.
Long story short: The IP is added to the US pool, but it should be in the India pool.

I’m planning to add more than that one server, so it would be nice if they were all be located to the right location on first attempt to save hassle with correcting it later :slight_smile:


Hi, I’ve moved the server to the “asia in” zone - it may take a moment to update.

The pool uses the GeoIP database from Maxmind - they’ve got a correction request here: Support resources to enable you to request a GeoIP data correction. It says their process takes 2-3 weeks, so just post here or send a support request if you add another server before it’s corrected and we can update it.

Thanks for supporting the pool! :+1: :slight_smile:


I just added the following two servers to the pool:

Both should be in India :slight_smile:

Hi, have moved both of those two across :+1: