2001:19F0:5801::/48 geolocation incorrect


I joined the pool yesterday, so I might be bothering the admins too quickly, but I wanted to make a request to update the pool that my server lives in.

Its IP is 2001:19F0:5801:626::1:123

The netblock 2001:19F0:5801::/48 lives in Vultr’s Sydney datacentre, so can I have my server’s zones changed from north-america and us to oceania and au pools, please?

I’m also happy for the server to be part of the gentoo vendor pool, but I’m unsure about how to go about that…



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Hi Jason and welcome! Was just getting round to your email :slight_smile: Have now corrected the entry. The Pool gets it’s GeoIP from Maxmind - they’ve got a correction request form here.

Thanks for supporting the pool :+1:

Laurence, volunteer pool admin

Thanks Laurence!


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