How long needs a registration

Dear All,

I registered my NTP server with the button “add your Time Server” in
This I have done about a week ago. But I still don’t see any external access.
I am not sure but I think there is manual process behind. And I understand there are maybe some test about a new server.
How long does it take typically ? Or did I miss something to do somewhere else ?

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You added your server to the public NTP server list. That’s not the same as adding your server to the ntppool project.

When you add a server to the pool you start receiving requests as soon as your server score reaches 20.

The URL for adding your server to the ntppool project is:

Gerardo P.

Hi Gerardo,

Many thanks for your answer. I have to say I am a slightly confused now. What I tried to achieve is to add my NTP server as a service to the Internet community. Especially to be available as part of the Austrian pool “” So did I simple ask the question in the wrong forum ? I thought when I request to be a public NTP server it will be added to a pool automatically. But obviously I am wrong. I read which redirects me to and I actually can’t see what is really the difference between a public NTP server and the ntppool project. I see there is a git repository
Maybe some clearifying links are available, which I didn’t find.
Any hint is welcome.

Kind regards


By going to you can add your servers to the desired zones. This is where you add your resources to the pool (and thereby into the DNS) As soon as they reach a score of 10 (and higher), you’ll start seeing traffic flowing in!

Its really a simple process and I’ve been able to add over 8 servers easily this way.

Hi gekkie,

Many thanks for your reply. In the meantime I register one of my NTP server successfully. It has each a score of 20.0 for the IPv4 address as well as for IPv6. Access is quite moderate. I have an average access of about 80 clients per second here in Austria.

But I still do not know for what is the server registration with the link in my first posting.

Have a nice day.
// Hans

Hi HansMayer,

The first registration link you mention adds your server to a public webpage that lists open NTP servers for public use. That does not trigger an automated mechanism for receiving NTP requests, it depends on someone finding your server listing and deciding to use it for their purposes.


Hi Gerardo,

Many thanks for your reply. Now I see the difference.

// Hans