Anyone can add IPs to the pool, no checks on ownership?

Hi lovely people!

I’m working on replacing my NTP servers and was wondering if i ever added them to the pool.

Turns out i didn’t. But someone did.

See these entries in the pool:

I am [one of] the operator[s] of both that IP-space and those servers, but Duke has added them to the pool with out my knowledge!

And i might not be the only one. My browser almost dies if i try to look at what Duke has added to the pool. htt[p]s://www[.]ntppool[.]org/a/DukeThust or take a look at resolving the DNS name!

Should there be some kind of check of ownership implemented?

Hello @sndr , welcome to the community!

There is no check implemented for the verification of the ownership of a server. There is a dedicated thread about it:

None of the proposed verification method is ideal, so nothing is done. It looks like the old proverb still stands: “The perfect is the biggest enemy of the good.”

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Did you register those IP’s yourself uinder your own name?
Because if you didn’t somebody else can register your servers.

Registering and you don’t want to be in the pool can be done by adding monitor-only as speed setting.

When you do that, somebody else can’t register your IP.

In your case I would contact @ask and explain.
He should be able to fix your problem once you registered yourself as Pool-member.

That is how I would correct this problem.

I have my personal two (four, v4 & v6) NTP-servers in the pool for quite some time now, but the IPs i named in the top post are provided by the company i work for.

I’m working on replacing those servers and thought of checking here. Couldn’t find the IPv4 counterparts for them, but then i discovered the IPv6 variants were registered by someone else. :wink:

I’m not entirely sure if the company i work for wants them in the pool or not. The IP-addresses that are currently listed will eventually be phased out anyways.

Thanks for the ‘monitor-only’ tip. I will do that anyways then.

For the record, this was solved by the NTPPool team. Thanks!!