Can't re-add a server with its new IPv6


Months ago I changed the IPv6 of a server and deleted the old one. Since then I have tried many times to add it but the form does nothing, I just says “Your server hostname or IP address:” I put 2800:640:d:2::2 press “Add” nothing happens. I even added “” as a FQDM for that IP to see if it made any difference, but no.

So, is it related to my account? To that IP? Is there another way to add it?


You might try using the Server Check functionality to see what some of the monitors get when querying your NTP server, in case there’s a communication problem. It’s a bit of a long shot as I’d expect the add functionality to report if there’s no response, but it can’t hurt to try:

Yes, I forget to mention that, the check works fine, for example:


  1. usewr2-1a6a7hp
    Offset: 4.6829ms
    RTT: 70.417193ms

  2. ussjc2-1a6a7hp
    Offset: 2.15429ms
    RTT: 109.130002ms

  3. defra4-jsdnqw
    Offset: 4.346ms
    RTT: 142.758018ms

When nothing happens, does your browser do a network request? If so, can you share the traceparent or request id header from the server response?

Works fine here.

I didn’t add your server put tried it and it will allow me to add your server.

Tested with Firefox, no issues.

Maybe some plugin of your browser blocks something?


ok, so it does show in red “Please verify your existing servers before adding more.” But I thought that was a generic warning.


I got that traceparent when going from the main page to the “Add my server” page

After clicking Add again I got cf6ef6b8ad8c0e0367046dd45ec3e981

I did try Opera instead of Chrome but it does the same thing.

No, that’s it. :slight_smile: Sounds like I need to make the form for adding a server inactive when the account is in this state to make it clearer.

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Ok, got it. I had never noticed the “Unverified” legend under the IP of the servers.

You’re too nice, the “Please verify your servers before adding more.” felt like a warning about doble adding or paying attention that they are correct. I needed something like “You cannot add more servers until you verify the existing ones!” and maybe a link under it with “How do I verify my servers?” telling the user to look for the “Unverified” legend under the IP.

Anyway, probably this is just me, but it may help someone in the future.

Good news is that now they’re all verified and the new one was added to the pool.

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No it’s not, @ask could make it more clear that verification is needed.

I never seen this either, but I did had my servers added BEFORE the verification.

@ask, maybe you should tell this during the account creation, to add 1 server and verify it ELSE all other additions will not be accepted.

Just an idea to avoid confusion.


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