Anyone else get a traffic surge?

Between 13:16 and 13:58 UTC today, one of my IPv6-only pool servers got an unexpected traffic surge, with the usual 25-ish packets per second peaking at over 600 pps.

There was no apparent effect on its pool score: Statistics for 2001:44b8:2100:3f00::7b:102, nor on any of the usual metrics I collect: Grafana snapshot. The server is set to 1 Gbit in the @, au, and oceania zones.

None of my other pool hosts experienced similar traffic, despite being publicly documented and having trivially-guessable IP addresses.

Did anyone else experience any similar anomalies?

@paulgear I’ve checked the log of one of my servers but no surge at the indicated time.

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I don’t know how many negative reports you need, but three high-netspeed IPv6 servers in the UK saw no noticeable increase around that time.

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