What's wrong with IPv6 in Austria


Dear All,

I just noticed - informed by e-mail - that all my 3 server with IPv6 are dropped out from the pool. Looking at the CSV protocol there are periods of not reachable. But this issue exists only for IPv6. IPv4 server has a score of 20. Of course I am monitoring my NTP server as well as the Internet line with different tools. But I can’t see any issues. Either for NTP server nor for the line.

Are there any IPv6 hiccups in Internet between LA and Vienna ?
Did someone else see similar issues around my area ?

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One of my IPv6 servers was dropped too. There is major drop in the number of active IPv6 servers. In the Europe zone it went from 795 to 514 in the last day.



Both of my IPv6 servers where dropped too. Now everything seems to be working again.


I see.

Europe +276 IPv6 server now.
Also North America +51

Must be more a general issue of the monitoring and not the Internet.

// Hans


Yeah, it was a problem with the IPv6 routes from one of the providers. http://lists.ntp.org/pipermail/pool/2017-May/thread.html :disappointed:

I’d like to have a feature that automatically alerts when this happens (and maybe even stops the monitoring system from changing the server scores?), but I haven’t gotten around to typing up the code yet. (And so far the few times it’s happened the community is pretty prompt at pointing it out!).


Hi Ask,

we all appreciate your work. It’s not your fault.

A distributed monitoring network would be great.

… the community is pretty prompt at pointing it out

Yes, but what can we do except writing mails or postings ?

Kind regards


Yeah, me too: curiously only one of my three IPv6 servers dropped out, but now everything is back to normal.