Adding servers to the China zone

i’ve added your server to the cn pool.

I am also ready to participate. Please add my server too.

Seems our firewall is working perfectly but some reason monitoring server gives us i/o timeout. We’ve monitored the traffic and can’t find any solution where those i/o timeouts come. Sometimes it works almost a day and score goes close to 20 and then i/o timeouts start again. Maybe some problem between monitoring server and our server.

You can remove our server from china pool.

Okay, it’s been removed from CN.

Hello, you can add my server to china pool :

Added! Thank you for helping out!

Hello, my router went down many times today. could you remove my ntp server from cn zone ? thx in advance. Chris


removed from CN.

Thanks very much.

Hello everybody, how can i add an extra zone to my server ( like germany without the help of an admin ?


Hi Chris,

this is currently not possible.

ps: shall we add the DE Zone to that server?

@apuls : yes please. Austria as well if possible.
I hope it will be better than with china… :frowning:

Thank you for participating

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Could you also add belgium to my NTP server ?

Thanks in advance.


Server added to BE

Thanks very much.

Hello, could you add the following countries to my server ?

  • Andorra;
  • Monaco;
  • Liechtenstein;
  • Luxembourg;
  • Holy See (Vatican City State).

Thanks in advance.


Hi Chris, have just added ad, mc, li, lu and va as requested

@elljay : thanks.


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Hello, could you add the following countries to my server ?

  • Spain.

Thanks in advance.