Updated stats on "Join" page


The “Join the pool” page currently states the following:

Currently most servers get about 5-15 NTP packets per second with spikes
a couple of times a day of 60-120 packets per second. This is roughly equivalent
to 10-15Kbit/sec with spikes of 50-120Kbit/sec. The project steadily acquires more
timeservers, so the load should not increase dramatically for each server. In plain
terms, you probably need at least 384-512Kbit bandwidth (in and out-going).

These stats are way, way off - I’ve never seen less than 400p/s inbound NTP traffic, and it’s commonly over 3,000p/s. This might be because I’m in an under-served region (nz/oceania). This traffic level doesn’t bother me at all, but it’s not what the page leads one to expect.

Could the stats on this page please be updated to reflect the reality, or else be clear that they are only applicable to e.g. the US region which has lots of servers to spread the load. Perhaps a table of typical load per region would be a better bet?


I’m guessing that is because of your region. What do you have your “net speed” set to?

I’m in the North America / US pool, 25Mbit, and my server sees about 110 packets/sec…


I’m in China Zone set to 384Kbit inbound is over 40K pps and another zone like Japan is 2k pps on average.
I think we should add a “Zone DNS query status”.


@mengzhuo’s stats for China seem to be about right for what we’re currently seeing.


It’d be great to get the page updated. Patches are welcome.

Beware that the page is translated in a bunch of languages, so the other pages should get updated too – maybe with variables for future updates.