Adding not own servers by bot?

Please look
what’s this?
They mass adding not own servers? Also I think you need to remove some russian’s servers

because only 3 allowed by “official” account
and robertsdoug like a NTP terrorist, please remove this user and servers

All need work for this issue. User MUST add only OWN servers. And do not make ntp packets boost for other.

…/// I see this user also add apple timeserver, and other companies, please remove all records from poll and stop account

Wow, the guy has 96 servers listed… That’s going to take a little time to go through figuring out what is legit and what isn’t… Thanks for reporting!

I asked the operator a few days ago and he replied asking what made me think they weren’t operated by him… sigh.

@littlejason99 – if you move them to the new “system account” then I can mark them all in-active (keeping them in the system to prevent them from being added again).

That’s really odd :frowning:

I’ve just used “host a.b.c.d” from the bottom of the user list.
I don’t think he is the owder of ex: or

Also searched some of the IP addresse on the wiki site.
It realy looks he just added the global listed Stratum 1 server…

These ip & are listed under the user/admin Doug and also LLC
Is this a display bug ?

I went through the list and the servers were from all over the place, all public ones that shouldn’t be in the list and that he most definitely doesn’t have ownership rights.

The double display was just temporary as I was moving them from Doug to a monitoring-only group…

Allright - just saw that right now in the logs that you are moving them :slight_smile: