NTP pool squatting

It seems that some operators added servers to the pool that don’t seem to be under their control, such as time.apple.com, among others. Should @ask regularly bring more such servers under his control? What could be done to curb such practice by such operators?

Ask already does this for some servers. See this example. There are over 100 monitor-only servers; the scores page shows " Not active in the pool, monitoring only" The list can be grown as needed.

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@ask should regularly reserve more IP addresses, as I found other IP addresses belonging to ntp.ubuntu.com in the pool: 1, 2, 3, 4.

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yeah, I clean those up now and then. I like to think people are well meaning, but it’s obviously misguided.

My plan is to have a mechanism to require validation of new servers added. Maybe not do it on every server add, but if you have more than X servers in the account, set the bandwidth to 1000, try adding some of the well-known IPs / hosts, etc.