What is city.state.fios.verizon.net

While monitoring server clients I occasionally notice a gigantic influx of pool-ip.city.state.fios.verizon.net. Are these servers or DHCP clients using the time server flag to get their time. I’m simply curious if anyone knows.

If you are in the pool then it’s probably because you are the best suited server for their systems when asking the pool.
In my case I have a lot of Belgian clients all from the same provider.

You can not know what they are running, they just query your server for the correct time.
Normally they do not query very often, but Verizon is a big provider, so yes you see many request with that name in it.

What do you consider a “gigantic influx”? If it’s fios then it’s Verizon’s broadband service… Maybe their routers use the pool? Or maybe their tv boxes?

Cell phones would use the myvzw.com domain…

FWIW, my AT&T u-verse router uses a couple of their own NTP servers (using the older sbcglobal domain). But each ISP does their own thing, so who knows.

hey folks. I cannot say much on this public channel, but suffice it to say that VZ will be making this right by the ntp Pool with the team of the NTP Pool, NTF and the good folks at PublicNTP.org helping.

I wasn’t complaining. Was just curios as to what devices these possibly were.