UNcorrect - Old Russian

Dear colleagues,

First error (so so):
word “русский” must written through upper letter “Русский”

second error (phrase written in old Russian ~1700-1800 years) or was translating via Google.

“Рассылка новостей пула NTP. Ее трафик очень невелик” - uncorrect.

It must be so:

Трафик рассылки новостей пула NTP очень очень маленький.

Thanks; I updated this on the beta site:



“очень очень маленький” is not really a technical phrase. Should be “небольшой” or “незначительный”.
Just my two kopeks.

“очень очень маленький” is not really a technical phrase.
Earlier I thinked 2 days about it (“очень очень маленький”).

I am agree

“Трафик рассылки новостей пула NTP небольшой”. - technical russian language

But when translating, I try to convey the semantic load of the sentence (this is the idea of the author of the text).
Iif Bjørn will be agree with technical russian then is OK.

Leo, thanks your opinion.

It’s all goobly-goob to me! Would either of you be able to make a pull request for the appropriate changes on https://github.com/abh/ntppool ?

Dear Bjørn,

I made “Pull requests”. Could you look, is it OK?

My apologies if it will be error. I am beginer at GIT, but I’m trying :slight_smile:

Ask Bjørn Hansen писал 2018-02-07 05:53: